What if we all used the same method when photographing Archaeological Artifacts …

then one object could be placed next to another, found at different excavations, excavated at different times, containing artifacts from different time periods, and still maintain a cohesive look.

The question

Before an archaeological artifact is either put on display in a museum or, more likely, archived in a magazine – a picture is taken. Often using different lighting set-ups, different camera gear and different methods of photographing, resulting in differently looking images. What if we did things differently?

An answer

By adhering to a few key elements when taking the picture, using a method that can be easily replicable, at low cost, offering high quality; then a unified image could be achieved. Making a combined collection scientifically useful whilst being publicly accessible.


PhotArch is a suggestion of such a method, in addition to being a place of storing and viewing the artifacts for the public at large. Adding the photo to PhotArch.com will set the image free for anyone to use within Creative Commons. Take a sneak peak at The Archive >

Archaeological Artifacts shown in scale
Archaeological Artifacts shown side by side

An Image of the Past

PHOTARCH is a passion project and life goal by archaeologist and photographer, Daniel Lindskog. As of 2023 the project has been awarded The FujiFilm Regional Grant Award and will be realized and presented, first at the annual European Association of Archaeologists conference in Belfast and later the same year in Tokyo, Japan.

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PhotArch is made by Daniel Lindskog, founder of The Archaeo Agency, Arkeologibyrån, a VAT registered company in Sweden specializing in the presentation of our Cultural Heritage.